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    The latest news from Schletter GmbH
    Superior self-consumption quota
    Superior self-consumption quota
    Schletter wins the Intersolar Award with the SmartPvCharge©

    What can be done to increase the proportion of self-consumption of solar energy produced on-site? This is one of the most fundamental questions in the photovoltaic sector. Our answer: SmartPvCharge© and this solution has won us the prize - the Intersolar Award 2013.

    A self-consumption quota of up to 80% can be achieved by installing the SmartPvCharge© in conjunction with a solar plant and an electric vehicle. The system is intuitive: Whenever the plant produces more energy than it needs to supply priority household devices, the SmartPvCharge© initiates the charging process of the electric vehicle, aligning the charging output to the current yield. Rather than reorganising household tasks according to solar irradiation, the system simply uses the vehicle battery to store any excess energy produced.

    For the most part, the regulation of energy supply to household devices according to peak irradiation can only be implemented to a limited extent. An electric vehicle, however, can stand for several hours at a charging point and can used to take up any surplus yield. But if you have no time to wait, the SmartPvCharge© can charge the vehicle immediately and irrespective of the weather.

    An intelligent solution that also won over the adjudicators of the Intersolar.

    You can read more about our SmartPvCharge© here:

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    Schletter active in Japan
    Schletter active in Japan
    Schletter entered the market in Japan at the start of 2012 and has been active in the country since:
    Construction of ground mount-, roof- and carport plants has facilitated the generation of approx.5MW energy.


    The following services are offered by Schletter in Japan:

    • Structural engineering in accordance with current, valid standards in Japan (JIS Japanese Industrial Standards)
    • Global Schletter product portfolio available including products customized for the Japanese market (seam clamps, roof hooks).
    • Production in Germany or China (Shanghai) according to customer preference.
    • Local warehousing from February 2013 will facilitate speedy and inexpensive delivery.
    • Location in Tokyo and local support with multi-lingual partners (Japanese, English, German)



    A 1MW PvMax plant is currently undergoing final completion in Southern Japan.


    Solid and quick-to-mount solutions for roof plants are in demand, such as, for example, the SingleFix systems 400 kWp - SingleFix HU)


    Our local team look forward to providing you with more information and to answering any questions you may have relating to our products and services.


    Dominik Grützner
    Schletter Japan K.K.


    +81 47-711-8330


    +81 47-711-8331


    +49 1761 9191-242

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    New head office and production site in the USA
    New head office and production site in the USA
    The Schletter Inc. subsidiary has selected Shelby, North Carolina as location for its new headquarters and manufacturing plant.

    Embracing customer demand is important to us, even from a geographical perspective; on the one hand, reducing transport distances and shipping times lowers the cost of our products and contributes to the reliability of delivery and, on the other, enables us to better address the concrete demands of our customers at their respective locations. With this in mind, our US subsidiary, Schletter Inc. is relocating its head office from Tucson in Arizona to new premises in Shelby, North Carolina.This location will also host a production plant comprising 9,000 m² operational space. Production is to start this year. Respective manufacturing facilities in Tuscon, N. America and Windsor in Canada will operation.

    With the popular FS series, Schletter has climbed to the top of the leader-board in the production of ground mount systems and this range will be manufactured in Shelby along with other key products. The FS System was deployed in the country’s largest solar installation located in Arizona, totaling 150 MW. The development of renewable energies is being driven particularly hard in the eastern states of North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. With construction of the new plant, we are also reaching out to our local customers here from a geographical perspective.

    “Large solar installations require multiple truckloads of material, which is costly with current petroleum costs,” stated Mr. Martin Hausner, president of Schletter Inc. Hausner went on to say, “With the addition of a second U.S. manufacturing location, these costs will be dramatically reduced for our eastern customer base and lead times for deliveries will improve."

    To support the production plant, Schletter Inc. also plans to create a training facility and a product demonstration area. The number of employees should be ramped up over time. A staff of 80 should be employed in the new plant by the end of this year with a total of 300 employees within four years. Great prospects for the region!

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    The Méditerranée solar mounting system
    The Méditerranée solar mounting system

    Schletter supplies substructures that are adapted to Mediterranean conditions for solar plants starting from 500 kWp

    Supermarkets usually have big roof areas. This is also true of the well-known Greek supermarket chain Galaxias. Nowadays, such roof areas can be efficiently used to generate solar power in Central Europe, and even more so in Mediterranean countries. Thus, the Galaxias supermarket chain has now equipped eleven of its stores with solar plants. Of course, suitable mounting systems were required for this purpose. Galaxias wanted durability and a convincing price-performance ratio at the same time – and this is why Schletter was awarded the contract. The South German family business is specialized in sophisticated and easy to install mounting systems made of aluminum. This material even withstands salty sea air. Aluminum has an invaluable advantage – it is corrosion-resistant! Now, these Schletter systems reliably and safely bear solar modules with a total power of 500 kW.


    And once more, the inexpensive AluGrid flat roof system was the system of choice. This came as no surprise. In order to meet the specific requirements in Mediterranean countries, Schletter adapted the system to the angle of incidence of the sun´s rays in the Mediterranean. Thus, AluGrid is available optionally with an inclination angle of about 15 degrees and a flatter angle of about 10 degrees.


    The aluminum system is available in four different designs all of which only cause light superimposed loads on the roof and are very wind-resistant at the same time. On the roofs of 5 Galaxias stores, AluGrid now safeguards maximum light yields of the installed solar modules.

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    A suspenseful race – charged up by Schletter
    A suspenseful race – charged up by Schletter

    The electric vehicle rally e-miglia starts on Sunday – and we provide both suspense and voltage: Schletter sends a driver plus electric car to take part in the race and also provides the charging technology.

    e-miglia 2012

    Green light for green racing vehicles! This year´s e-miglia starts on Sunday. E-bikes, e-trikes and electric cars will hit the road for a race through Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland in order to show what they can do. Schletter will provide both suspense and voltage: We will not only send a driver plus electric car to take part in the race, but we will also make sure that the batteries of all participating vehicles will always have full charge. And again, the organizers place their faith in the P-CHARGE stand-alone charging pillar to charge the electric vehicles. This comes as no surprise – after all, the high charging power of these mode-3 devices allows short charging times– just the right thing for a rally. At the press conference, Deputy General Manager Hans Urban will tell more about Schletter´s activities in the sector of electric mobility and possibilities to combine electric mobility with solar power. If you want to keep yourself informed about the rally, please visit our page on Facebook. There, you will find all news and details about the race.

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